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Mrs. Devon Thomas Report ( Linstead Learning Centers Teacher):

"The Linstead Learning Center  was formed out of a desire to help students whose learning ability is slower than of their peers.We also provide help for students who have been trough the system, still not performing. Our main aim is to empower there's students with literacy , thus helping them to fake a meaningful place in society. 

At present I am helping young students as well as adults to become fully literate. Their subjects are Language Arts (English Language) ,Mathematics, Phonics, Reading and Comprehension. Some children attend other schools then do after school lessons with me. Others who are extremely slow come full time. Many of them are not able to afford the school fee so they can't come everyday. There are two students who cannot come regularly because of money problems."

Since February 2016, Real Jamaica School Project e.V. financially supports these two students so they can participate regularly in the Linstead Learning Center. Other needy students should follow soon.