Real Jamaica School Project e.V.



We are a non-profit association from Hamburg with the aim of financially supporting children and young people of poor families in Jamaica in order to help them to afford school fees and prepare them for their professional future.

Real Jamaica School Project e.V.

                              was founded in fall 2014 and became an officially registered association in June 2015.

The idea of founding the association was born while visiting our friends in Jamaica. Conversations with them as well as children and teachers of the community showed that many students cannot afford school attendance. Primary school costs include compulsory school uniforms, learning material and transportation to and from school. In secondary school, many families struggle to pay the school fees or a daily meal in school for their children.

Often the childrens' parents are analphabets (according to UNESCO 11% of the population in 2015). Due to their education level they find themselves at the lower end of the wage scale – they struggle to afford a living for their families with temporary jobs and lack money to support their children.

The aim of our association is to help children to graduate from school and build a base for their professional future.

We hope to contribute to preventing those children and young people from becoming involved in crime.


We want to help with our donations!


For this purpose a group of teachers, linguists, artists and scientists came together to establish a workable concept for this project.

Our 9 founding members are:

Cornelia Jantzen, Heidrun Meyer, Christina Sievers-Fritz, Gunda Bachmann-Skarka, Marlies von Nerée, Sarah-Marit Fritz,         Lorraine Suxdorf, Susanne Hanik, Christine Roeder;