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Ms Devon, a retired teacher, teaches children from poor backgrounds or with learning difficulties such as dyslexia in very basic premises in Linstead.

We have been able to observe the school's changed premises since 2016 and from 2020 lessons in the old classrooms were no longer possible.

The heavy rains and storms damaged the old building so badly that it had to be changed again due to the poor learning conditions.

Because there was no suitable study space in the area, Ms. Devon temporarily taught her students at her home.

A solution, but not a good long-term solution.

This was a sign for us as an association to expand our statutes in February 2020 so that our donations could also support the maintenance and renovation of the classrooms.

After the Corona period, construction of the extension with the new classroom could finally begin in 2023.

We are very pleased that on our last visit in March 2024 we were able to admire a beautiful new classroom, even with some new learning furniture.

We also received further very good news. Three of “our” students will soon be able to switch to a state school.

We are now highly motivated to continue collecting donations.

Unfortunately, all students still lack learning materials, a blackboard and fans so that lessons can take place even in warmer our motto remains:

"Obstacles and difficulties are steps that we overcome."

(Friedrich Nietzsche)