DSC 4341"No Problem" ....Jamaican Life Motto

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Helikonie Sugar Pot Local Beach
Treasure Beach
 Jamaican Art
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 Highgate  Best Jerk Chicken in Port Maria
 Real Jamaica
Sunset James Bond Beach
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 Beach of Port Maria
Two impressive creatures
Lovely Frenchman's Cove Beach
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Akee Fruit
 Jamaican bathing ladies
 Treasure Beach
Jamaican School Books
DSC 4945 Graffiti auf Wand IMG 20151201 WA0004 IMG 20151201 WA0006
 Highgate Town
Students Art 
Baby Turtle 
Lobster and Salat
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Cornelia with Baby Turtles
 Seafood Restaurant
Coloured Menu
Streetlife Port Maria    
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 Artist House  Patio of Real Jamaica Cottages    Ara - Dolphin Cove  Christian Church